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Matter & Shape is the new on-line address where to find the best of today's design.

Because design is everywhere, our  customized shopping list makes it easy for you to find whatever you are looking for.  We also guide you through new discoveries and new directions where you can explore further sources of inspiration.

We offer you every day a fresh, creative, independent selection of original and alluring household items, furniture and decorative accents, big and small, which will enhance your home décor, and enrich your universe.

At Matter & Shape , we know that Style is born of mix-and-match, just as there is Beauty in tension, and Pleasure in discovery. We propose  a wide-range of iconic articles, from hand-crafted furniture to industrial series as well as the occasional one-of-a-kind “jewel-object”. We are proud to apply the highest standards to our worldwide search for items that tell a story through a gesture, a color, a material...

Our Matter and Shape site opens up a world of creativity and inventiveness and brings you visual proof that, in design, every detail is important.